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CIRRUS is built around Particles B series SoM, a powerful cellular-enabled system-on-a-module (SoM) designed for mass-production. It includes the Nordic nRF52840 and with support for cellular and Bluetooth LE. Powered by EtherSIM, a  globally available, self-optimizing SIM with no data plans or device fees. This model is supported in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


The B524 SoM is a new LTE-ready SoM to support global cellular IoT deployments around the World. The B524 is built on LTE-CAT 1, a globally available and mature LTE technology designed specifically for IoT devices with 50% the power consumption of 3G. In addition to LTE-CAT 1, the B524 also comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and full 2G/3G fallback.


The foundation board provides a stable platform to build modular and custom functionality, it removes the lead time and development required to launch a remotely connected device and carries all the relevant certifications to meet Ofcom's requirements. This board provides 3 expandable ports which can be utilised by our off the shelf modules or support a custom module, specific to the end users application.

GPS Module

Add full GPS functionality for tracking and navigation. This module supports GEO Fencing and Safe locations via the Stratus dashboard. The module is supplied with an active GPS antenna that is easily secured to the enclosure divider.

Comms Module

This module acts as an expansion to the I2C port to allow users to easily connect an additional 3 digital sensors such as the Grove sensors from Seeed studio. This module also provides access to 2 analogue to digital convertors to allow the user to connect analogue sensors. This module can also be supplied with 12 pin wiring loom which provides a panel mount connector which can be mounted to the enclosure.

Dual Relay Module

Provides 2 relays which can be controlled via the cloud. The relays are rated at 10 A at 250 VAC, (NO), 8 A at 250 VAC, 5 A at 30 VDC, (resistive loads). The module is supplied with a cable assembly which provides a panel mount terminal block which can be fixed to the enclosure.

Custom Modules

CIRRUS was designed to be customised, utilising our in-house design engineering team we can design custom modules that interface between your end application and the Cirrus foundation board, adding custom functionality to a feature rich foundation board means the customer can quickly deploy hardware at a fraction of the cost.



  • Dual Power supply supporting 12-24VDC via a DC jack or 5V via USB


  • Battery Power - standard 2000mAh LiPo Solar Charging via 1.2 Watt 6 Volt panel



  • Supports UART, i²c and SPI

  • Switchable logic levels for all comms

  • All comms pinned on JST headers


  • Wiring loom with 12 pin panel mount connector


A modular enclosure designed to scale with the customer's application. Fabricated in the UK using FSPT technology, the enclosure provides a sustainable solution to housing the modular hardware. The enclosure can be printed in full colour, allowing the customer to white label the hardware.


  • Screw mount

  • Popouts for all connectors

  • Battery housing

  • Material - White ABS


  • DIN rail mount

  • Solar panel mount

  • Full colour printing - Whitelabel

  • IP65/IP67

  • Material - Recycled plastic available


Our team of in-house design engineers can take your idea and turn it into an end product. As well as utilising our CIRRUS foundation board we can also design, build and assemble a completely bespoke unit to meet the customers end application.

Our in-house team have over 40 years' experience in designing custom electronics, with over 10 years' experience in designing IoT solutions. We specialise in remote monitoring, solar powered devices and understand how to build a reliable and robust product. 

Our production facilities can cover 1 offs up to 1000's, utilising pick and place machines and reflow ovens, we are able to offer rapid turnaround on custom manufacture. 

We pride ourselves on a full turnkey solution; our assembly capacity can be quickly expanded to cover any demand that our customers require. We work alongside CamdenBoss who manufacture our custom enclosures and support us with large scale assemblies.



Stratus is a multi-purpose, low-code IoT platform that requires no programming skills and minimal time to create custom IoT applications that can be brought into a white label IoT solution at the push of a button.


It allows users to display, interact and respond to real world datapoints from anywhere in the world. The system is centred around dashboards and providing easy to read visuals, that help keep the user informed across single devices or a fleet of 1000’s of devices.


The intelligent rules engine and reporting features remove the need for mundane tasks and provides a mechanism for preventative maintenance and responsive control to key data points. The system is scalable from a single device up to 100,000’s of devices and is fully mobile compliant.

We offer a range of hardware to support the translation from real world data to cloud intelligence, supporting standard off the shelf products to completely bespoke builds incorporating WiFi and Cellular technologies.

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